What We do

With so much competition these days it’s vital to stand out and strike a chord with your consumer.
This only highlights the importance of the effective and finely crafted design as well as strategic thinking.
We solve problems, create, design and develop flexible brands that adapt the the current market.
Our process is based in 3 different working areas: Branding, packaging and visual communication (where the logic and magic come together).
We work on creating designs that achieve an enriching experience througout the project not only for our clients but for his clients also.

Who We Are

We founded Astor Branding with the idea of offering a fresh and consolidate look when launching a brand or product.
For more than 10 years we have been working in a changing and dizzying market. As Creative Directors we developed projects for important studios and agencies, in which we were in charge of the development of brands and products of leading companies in the local and international market as NBC, Cartoon Network, Turner International, Chandon, Marlboro, Quilmes, Coca-Cola, Danone, Molinos, Arcor and VEA Supermarkets, among others.
We have also been giving lessons and served as speakers of the design career at the University of Buenos Aires over the last 5 years.

Why Choose Us

We believe that flexible branding and strong product identification allows to enhance business performance as well as positioning a company in a distinguish status within the market.
In all consumer industries a great pack design is the best opportunity to be seen, chosen and go from supermarket aisles to people’s homes. We create strategies according to the objectives of the client and their business strategies to connect the product with its audience.
At Astor we believe in this “essence” of the brand in a personalized way that strengthens the bond between people and the brand they love.

We’ve had the privilege to work with some awesome clients

Whatever the purpose, we are guided by our principles: Find the essence,
make an emotional connection with the public and do it right.

How we do it? Astor Design Thinking